Unique coffee cup holder designed for convenience, safety and ease of use.

Hold My Coffee, LLC is a family owned and operated company. It has taken months of prototyping, materials testing, and refinement to bring this exclusive and unique coffee cup holder to market. The idea for holdmycoffee came from a most untimely and unfortunate spill that one of the founders experienced while traveling in the Midwest. Having slept very little while being on a business trip and running late for a flight to an important meeting he grabbed a cup of coffee at LAX. Quickly making his way through the terminal while dragging his wheeled luggage and juggling his boarding pass, identification and coffee cup ended in disaster when another traveler, also running late for a flight, slammed into him. Personal items, luggage and coffee cup all went flying into the air. The hot coffee ended up all over his freshly pressed white dress shirt and new suit. Having only minutes to board the plane he didn't even have time to dry off. His meeting was going to be taking place only minutes after landing leaving him no time to change or find something more appropriate to wear besides his coffee stained clothing. As he was forced to sit through that meeting he thought to himself, "Why isn't there an easier way to travel with a cup of coffee? I always feel like I need an extra hand when on the run. Shouldn't there be a way for my hands to pull double duty? Can't I pull my luggage and push a cart while holding a coffee cup safely at the same time?", and so holdmycoffee was born. This brand new completely unique and exclusive coffee cup holder has been designed from the ground up for the convenience and safety of business travelers and busy people on the go everywhere. Just remember to strap, snap, and go. Never spill your coffee again!
- J. Gladstone
President and Managing Director
Hold My Coffee, LLC.