The Ultimate Luggage Cup Holder Has Arrived

Traveling is indeed an exciting activity, but not all the time. Sometimes, or rather most of the time, it can be a very tiring and exhausting experience. When you feel like you are almost at the end of your rope a cup of coffee starts to seem like just the thing to get you back on your feet. However, carrying a cup of coffee may also leave you feeling frustrated. Your hands are already working double or triple duty, pulling luggage and juggling documentation and personal electronics, and trying to enjoy that much needed cup of coffee can become more of an aggravation that it’s worth. But there are luggage or travel cup holders that exist to help make this problem a non-issue. This is exactly where holdmycoffee enters the scene. A brand new and unique coffee cup and beverage holder that blows the competition out of the water.

What Makes This Coffee Cup Holder Stand Out From The Rest?

holdmycoffee vs the competition

When it comes to actual utility, holdmycoffee has a lot more to offer than the only other comparable products on the market, the Tugo and the Cup Pilot. All of the issues that make these other travel and luggage cup holders less than useful have been addressed. In every category holdmycoffee comes out ahead again and again.


Out of the three only the holdmycoffee is able to hold cups, cans, or bottles up to 44 oz. and is able to be attached to shopping carts, walkers, baby strollers, single pillar luggage, double pillar luggage, handlebars and more. holdmycoffee is also the only one that has thermal stability as a feature, meaning it helps to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a longer period of time. The excellent mobility, along with the horizontal comfort grip on the top of the holdmycoffee, makes getting in and out of a vehicle with a drink easier than ever before and allows it to be used while on a bicycle or skateboard. Finally, and most importantly, holdmycoffee stands alone it its unparalleled and unchallenged ability to keep your coffee from spilling. It’s so simple and works so well it’s a wonder that it has taken this long for such an elegant solution to be made available to consumers


When it comes to price, holdmycoffee ($14.99 with free shipping) is much cheaper when compared to the Cup Pilot ($19.95 with free shipping), and the Tugo ($17.90 with shipping included), and is a much better deal with all of the extra utility


holdmycoffee is constructed from professional grade 3mm double nylon backed wetsuit neoprene, which is washing machine and dishwasher safe, while the Tugo and the Cup Pilot, both of which have mostly plastic components, would not survive the trip. Extra strong Velcro, designed for intense lateral grip and ease of use, along with the double cross stitching on every critical seam, adds safety redundancy and seals the deal. holdmycoffee is definitely designed to last and last.


holdmycoffee trumps the competition when safety is considered. All of the products try to maintain and return the coffee cup to a stable position in relation to the horizontal plane, but only holdmycoffee works to reduce the chance of spills. One jostle or jolt could cause a hot beverage disaster when using the Tugo of the Cup Pilot but that isn’t a problem for this amazing neoprene cup holder. When used as directed the holdmycoffee practically eliminates the risk of spilling your coffee. This is an especially critical issue when using it on a baby stroller or shopping cart. I wouldn’t even risk using the other products around a child but this isn’t even remotely a concern for me when I’m using my holdmycoffee.


Both the holdmycoffee and the Cup Pilot are easily attached and detached in a matter of seconds but the Tugo is another matter entirely. It takes far too long to attach and adjust the Tugo to your bag and should you need to remove it in a hurry (such as at a security checkpoint) you are out of luck. holdmycoffee is true to its tag line. It really is just as easy as strap, snap, and go. Additionaly, the smooth nylon lining makes it easy to slide most cups, cans, and bottles in and out of the cup holder sleeve. This fact, along with the material choice of such a stretchable and expandable high grade neoprene, makes the holdmycoffee the clear winner when it comes to convenience and ease of use.

It’s not even a contest. holdmycoffee is something that every weekend warrior, traveler, (or busy person) on the go needs in their arsenal and is something you will seriously miss not having on your next trip.

Visit http://www.holdmycoffee.com today to learn more about the hands down ultimate luggage and travel cup holder.